Exterior Packages

From polishing hoods to removing stubborn stains, our crew at AGB Auto Detailing in Cincinnati, Ohio can do it! Here’s a list of exterior car cleaning packages for you.

Standard Level (Exterior) - $135

We will clean your vehicle exterior with our standard and professional cleaning service. We will initially clean the tires and wheels then, we will pre-spray and soak the entire car. After hand-washing and rinsing, we will apply a layer of protectant to maintain the surfaces. All tires will be dressed and side mirrors, windows, door jambs will be cleaned.

Signature Level (Exterior) - $175

We will begin by cleaning the tires and wheels. Then, we will pre-spray and soak the entire car. We will also hand-wash, rinse, and then hand-dry the surfaces to remove contaminates. Additionally, we will dress the tires and apply a protectant to the car. Door jambs, windows, and side mirrors will be cleaned as well. For a finishing touch, we will apply a layer of wax and glass sealant.

Premier Level (Exterior) - $225

Say goodbye to scratches, stains, and dirt on your vehicle. We will use professional-grade materials and products to wash, decontaminate, and polish your car. From hand-drying techniques to various types of sealant, we will make your car look in its best condition.

  • The car will be pre-soaked and hand-washed to remove bacteria and dirt
  • Rinse and hand-dry the car with a plush microfiber drying towel
  • One-step exterior polish for light swirl marks and scratches
  • Apply a spray detail/protectant
  • All tires, wheels, door jambs, windows, and side mirrors cleaned
  • Clay bar to remove embedded contaminants
  • Apply glass and paint sealant
  • Dress tires